A simplified approach towards harnessing the wealth in Tech...

The AdQuizzer mobile Application is a platform to enrich users with several tech opportunies as well as benefitting from tech monetarily and in other aspects...

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About AdQuizzer

#1 What is AdQuizzer?

AdQuizzer is a mobile application platform that gives room for revenue generation through ads and commissions, business promotions with ads and surveys and in-app transactions with generated revenue or other payment methods.

#2 How you earn

Advertisers create sponsored posts which are then spread out to users. Each user is paid for every Ad watched or survey completed. The revenue generated from all these could be used to perform in-app transactions in the transaction page. These transactions include Airtime and data purchase, cables and electricity purchase, tutorials and so on.

#3 Earning from commissions

Referring a user to the AdQuizzer app makes you entitled to a commission on every transaction the user makes for a whole year. Each time a user you referred makes a transaction, the commission would be added to your referral wallet instantly. This could then be later moved to your transaction wallet to make in-app transactions

#4 We offer discounts

For every transaction done on the AdQuizzer app, a certain discount is given which could be as low as 1% or as high as 10%. For instance, to buy an Airtime of 100 Naira, after the discount, you might only pay 95 Naira for the airtime. This applies to every other transaction.

#5 Our services

We offer a wide range of services like Airtime purchase, mobile data purchase, cables (gotv , dstv and star times) purchase, electricity purchase, tech tutorials, transfers etc.

#6 Our goal

Our goal is to create a form of passive income to Nigerians, especially students who need a less distracting platform that can run alongside school work.


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App Features

Awesome Features

Earn from ads

AdQuizzer provides a streamlined platform for users and advertisers to benefit. USer tends to earn from interaction with ads

Instant withdrawals

AdQuizzer gives you the opportunity to withdraw funds that have been accumulated in your wallet at any time

Bill payments

With your accumulated funds in your wallet, you can carry out several transactions. If there is not enough in your wallet, you can use other payment options available in AdQuizzer.

Fully Secured

All connections and payloads are end to end encrypted. Your details are safe with us

Advertise your products

AdQuizzer gives you the opportunity to advertise your products. This would be shown to thousand of users using AdQuizzer.

Referral Program

Refer a User and get commission on every transaction the User makes in a year.


User Friendly interface And Very Easy To Use the AdQuizzer App

User interface and user experience are very vital parts of the development of good products. This is the first way we will be satisfying you, with our easily understandable design displaying all major functionalities within a look.

Easy to navigate

Understandable design that creates smooth flow

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How It Works

3 Easy Steps

Install the App

Install the AdQuizzer appa and don't be left out of this geat experience.

Setup Your Profile

Verify email address, setup your profile and every personal bank details for withdrawal

Enjoy The Features

We are certain you will love this great App called AdQuizzer. Finish setting your profile and enjoy the relieving experience of using the AdQuizzer Application


Download The Latest Version Of Our App

The latest versions of the AdQuizzer App are available on the playstore and the app store.


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